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If you are looking to hire the Best SEO Specialist in Jacksonville, pay attention as I am about reveal my entire ranking process.


I am about to take a page out of a book from the great marketing genius Dan Kennedy and reveal to you just how I’m able to steam roll over all the other Jacksonville SEO Marketing Agencies and get my clients ranked number 1 in Google. By revealing my entire SEO service strategies, there won’t be one business owner with the time to do this on their own, so they would seek my employment. Before I begin I would like to differentiate what an SEO Company is compared to an SEO Specialist. Keep in mind all SEO Companies are not alike so what I’m about to say won’t apply to all of them, just most of them. I always use the Painting Company analogy. If you wanted to get your house painted you could hire a large painting company that will charge you twice as much and then send a group of $8 hour wannabee painters to your house to do the job. Or you can hire the painting expert who has an LLC and a helper but does all the work himself. Which one do you think is going to do the best job? Well it is exactly like that.

Large Marketing companies are mostly made up of salesmen and outsource most of their Search Engine Optimization to the Philippines or India. An SEO Specialist will personally handle your Search Engine Marketing project, and like myself only have an exclusive client list. I have a rule where I only take one business per niche where as a large SEM Agency will take every business they can get under contract and lie to every last one of them. I work strictly pay on performance. I have no need to contractually obligate a business owner when my work is my contract. As long as my services prove beneficial and cost productive I have a job. I like to comfort my clients into knowing that if I don’t perform as agreed, they only have a thirty day notice to worry about.

Jacksonville SEO Services is becoming a growing industry as business owners are starting to realize the need for reviews and online Authority. Consumers are going online to check out businesses before they ever step foot in them. The world is getting much smaller these days as everything becomes connected. Now is the best time to invest in a search engine marketing strategy because there are still business out there who don’t even have a verified Google My Business Page. This makes it much easier to rank your website. Five years from now SEO and SEM prices will surely be higher priced due to competition.



Local SEO in Jacksonville is so Easy Compared to Organic.


I have went behind other Marketing Companies that provided SEO Services and I was appalled at the work that was actually done for the year they charged my client. Lets get one thing straight. If you haven’t ran a website audit, and got their services in a silo, cross linked their website internally and got a site map and necessary optimization plugins you have no business selling SEM Services! Oh yeah and for those of you in the marketing business, a YouTube video on each service page will have a 50% better chance of ranking on the first page of Google. That’s a pretty big percentage so when I go behind an SEO Company to actually get my client ranked and they never bothered to put a YouTube video on their site it blows me away. So elementary for the best SEO Specialist in Jacksonville. If I sound arrogant my apologies, but I can back everything up with proof so I’m only speaking the truth. So here goes my exact method for ranking a client in Google Local 7 Pack.

1. First thing I do is check to see if they have a verified Google My Business Page and if not I create one and get it verified. If they do I get the email and login info and optimize the page with keywords, pictures, content and video. I’ll work on getting one review a week until I have five 5 star reviews because that will put it on another level once I attain all the necessary citations.

2. Next I will run a website audit and get the website in the proper silo structure if it isn’t already. Every Service must have it’s own page with plenty of content, pictures and a YouTube video OR DAILYMOTION.

3. Once I have the website properly optimized, I then begin cross linking all the pages to each other and run the Pr up the silo to the most competitive keywords which will be leading the silo in the Navigation bar. This isn’t really necessary for Google Local, but I never stop there. I always rank my clients organically.

4. OK at this point the rest of the strategy is off page SEO. I will begin competition analysis with who ever is ranked number 1 in the 7 pack. Not only will I put their url in SEO SpyGlass to have a look at all their back links and anchor text density, I will put their url in Bright Local to examine all of their business citations so I can get an idea of how many citations it’s going to take to outrank them. I have a personal list of 300 of the best citations with the most Domain Authority (DA) that I will pull from once I have matched the competition. If I’m dealing with a five star business with plenty of citations and multiple reviews, I will just juice up some of the citations with a DA of 90 or better with PBN links. I’ll get into that later, but that usually will do it. My Client is now ranked #1- #2 in Google Local and it only took about 4-6 weeks from start. Oh yeah I almost forgot a very important step. I will then make sure every citation my client already had is exact match to their Google My Business page. Inconsistent citations hurts rankings.



This is where we separate the best SEO’s from the POSERS!  When dealing with organic rankings in Google ,  you have a whole lot more to worry about. With over 200 ranking factors to consider, and Penguin and Panda filters in place ready to smack your website to page 100 if you just slightly over do it, this is where the pressure lies. To be the best seo specialist, you have to be able to manipulate rankings all the while appearing as natural as you can. This didn’t used to be an issue. Up until recently, he who ran SEO software on VPNs usually ranked number 1 because they could get the most back links in the shortest amount of time. Google has kindly wiped all of that kind of competition off the SEO map, so to speak. With script kitties out of the way, only intelligent, experienced Search Optimization experts have a chance at gaming the system. Believe me, Google is at war with SEO it’s just not admitted. They have made it incredibly hard to rank websites undetected. Without taking the long slow process of viral back linking. This is just unacceptable. What they call white hat SEO isn’t even Search Engine Optimization. It is simply their defense to keep as much money flowing into Adwords and not SEM agencies or SEO Specialists. The cold hard truth is they need us to push their Local review pages. Without us their dreams may have not been realized. Enough bickering. It really doesn’t matter because like I said they help eliminate most of my competition so I guess a thank you is in order. Now lets go over just what it takes to rank number 1 in Google Organically.


I personally use a program called IBP. This program will analyze the entire first page of Google for my keyword I have chosen and break down every detail as to why all ten of those sites are where they are. Sounds pretty easy huh? Well if I was to print that page out it would be as tall as I am and I’m 6′ 4″. So even though it is somewhat of a road map, it still takes lots of analyzing data and making changes over a period of time. Besides this is only the first resource I use. It gives me a pretty good idea about what I’m up against but it isn’t the end of the line by far. We are just getting warmed up. I will also check all back links in SEO SPyGlass or MOZ and check the page source on the top three sites and look at all their meta data. This way I will not only out rank them for their keywords, I can go after ones that they aren’t optimized for.

Whenever I try to rank organically, I always want my content to have Authority and Trust with Google. One way of doing that besides a YouTube, Daily-motion or even a Vimeo video is linking out to an Authority site. Linking out to an Authority site with a high PR and DA is just as good as a good relevant back link. The main reason for this is the way sites are getting ranked today. The algorithm relies heavily on Authority, DA and Trust Flow instead of quantity of back links. This brings up my next step. Building Trust.

One of the best and fastest ways to build a site’s trust flow up is by building a Social Fortress around the client’s site with high Authoritative Social Profiles. I’ll start with the most obvious such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin  but also Ill get sites like Pearltrees,, flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, authorstream and about 10 more but I won’t disclose all of them. Do your homework. Once I have profiles and links on all of those sites I’ll put them in my speed dial which is a Firefox addon in case you didn’t know. Oh yea by the way, SEO specialist’s always use Firefox for the SEO Plugins. although Chrome is getting a nice bundle together these days. Once I have them all in order I will start putting content on all of my profile pages. If they allow me to create posts that’s even better. My goal is to increase the Page Authority on those high Domain Authority sites. That’s the real trick isn’t it? Well obviously I will Google plus 1 , Tweet and Facebook like and share everything I create but that won’t be enough. This is where it gets real interesting.




This is one of the remaining forms of Search Engine Optimization that Google still considers Black Hat that is still in existence. However the problem with that is that it is the single most powerful way to rank websites today because you can control all the link’s anchor text and they are built on expired powerful domains. This is a science all on it’s own. Choosing the right expired domains to buy. Page rank is really not a predominate prerequisite these days. You are looking for sites that have lots of good back links from trusted sources. A high DA and Moz Trust with back links is a good indication of a preferred domain to buy, but you still have to take a look at the anchor text and it’s diversity. Don’t get domains with links about gambling,porn,or anything that would be consider unsavory. Even if your getting a foreign domain you need to throw the links in Google translate and make sure their clean. If you can get a relevant domain with your keyword that’s a bonus but not necessary. Next you have to put all your expired domains you buy on separate hosting accounts so they will all be in different C-blocks with different ip addresses. Having your PBN all on the same hosting leaves an easy footprint for Google to pick up and De-index your entire network. We are constantly trying to operate undetected. All our actions must appear natural to Google or it’s no rankings it’s just wasting money.

So now that we have about five good domains to start with, we can start building websites. This is what your PBN must look like. Legitimate websites all with their own social fortresses and plenty of content. You can’t get lazy here. We are going to get the most powerful back links from these sites. Contextual do-follow links with our keyword as the anchor text so these sites must appear real to Google and not thrown together just for those couple of links like they really are. We can get about 10 links from the home page of each site so don’t screw this up with cheap crappy content. If you can’t write well then get articles written and put them in silos just like a real site. You can usually get good original articles written for you for about $7 each but I always write everything myself. Now to play it safe we are going to send most of all these links to our social fortress pages to build up their Page Authority. This is how we totally dominate for keywords by getting our social pages to rank for our keywords as well as our website. Once these are in place they are very hard to move. You might as well cement your rankings in place because most likely no one is willing to go as far as we just did. Especially some cold calling SEO Company.

Finally Ill put videos on everything and run GSA or No Hands SEO all day and night getting links to my videos. It is one of the only ways to still use that kind of black hat software and not get penalized. If you are still not in position by now then 5 more domains for your PBN should do the trick except this time all links will be going to your money site. Once we’ve built up trust in Google with the social sites it’s on and poppin. We simply keep putting up content and adding to our PBN network until we own the first page. That’s how the Best SEO Specialist in Jacksonville does it. I hope I helped someone understand the complexity of all this. Of course I left out a few key steps but honestly what I revealed here will rank you in 90% of anything out there. If you got anything from this please gimme a Google Plus. Thanks. NicheJacker!


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